Jerm--I think the author was just looking at the number of s-boards sold per year vrs skis--
and crediting "twin-tips" for bringing skiing back. The data had gone from 1.2 million more 
s-boards sold than skis in a given year, to currently, when the numbers reverse--skis in the 
last year for data were selling 1.2 million more than s-boards. I think it goes deeper than 

Snowboarding must be getting harder to market. My guess is that the image of skiing has 
evolved since snowboard marketing 101 came around in the late 1980's-1990's. Skiing used 
to be an easy target from which snowboarding could be "different" and "rebel" from, but the 
ski marketing folks copied the snowboard marketing ideas, and now what? 

My opinion is that snowboards are now culturally mainstream in a way that is making them 
harder to sell. Here is a thought experiement to try...imagine your job is to market 
snowboards in 2008. how do you distinguish your product (and lifestyle") from skis, and get 
youth to buy a snowboard? Today most skis have the same graffiti style top sheet, the same 
cool names, the same twin tips, and are almost as fat, as snowboards. The clothes are 
pretty much the same too, what with the baggy zoot suits skier kids are wearing, too. From 
a youth marketing perspective, skis and snowboards are pretty much identical products.

If the above is true, that might be why it is getting tougher to sell a snowboard than it used 
to be...

On Mon, 28 Jan 2008 12:05:18 -0800, Jeremy Malczyk <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

>> check it out:
>"In 2004, there were 6.5 million snowboarders and 5.9 million skiers"
>Really? I never had sense that boarders outnumbered skiers. Maybe it's the places I've 
>skiing. I have met several cross-over skiers in recent memory. Many new tele skiers seem 
have been
>snowboarders in a previous lifetime, and I have met a few former backcountry boarders 
that have
>switched to AT for the greater efficiency. With all the traversing that we have to do out 
here to
>get good snow, looking for pow on a board has got to get frustrating.
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