>So I went to the doc just to be sure

Rachel, thank you! Was that so bad? I'm sure you are, as you said, a tough-ssa chick, but you got some exercises, some instructions, a little Rx... I think it's better to go, and go early, rather than be surprised later. And no one can make you undergo surgery against your will. Heal up well now, so you can go to CO, and the local hills.




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>Yesterday my snowflake earring fell out. Being superstitious when it comes to
>the mtn and snow, I was scared it was a bad omen. So I went to the doc just
>to be sure, especially since I've got my CO trip coming up. She confirmed
>what I thought to be true...no breaks or tears, just seriously bruised and
>banged up...rotator cuff and surrounding shoulder muscles. She gave me some
>exercises to start tomorrow and a prescription for nidaciv. Said pt may be in
>my future but to keep it moving in the meantime so that it doesn't freeze up.
>Said I should be good for CO in five weeks and that if not, she'd shoot me up
>with cortizon as long as I promised to take it sorta easier. I love my doc. Just
>hearing that I'd be cleared for CO makes my shoulder feel better. The snow I
>saw falling this morning helped, too, though I'm not riding tonight. (I'd be lying
>if I said I didn't consider it. I purposefully left my boots at home so that I
>wouldn't be able to act on my temptation.) I'll be sitting in the lodge while my
>school kids ski and ride...making hot chocolate and reading. Hopefully I'll be on
>the snow this weekend...just can't fall...ysae sremoorg.
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