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This week the Regional Educational Technology Network (RETN), the Center 
for Research on Vermont's public-access television partner, will 
broadcast the program "Sense of Place: A Native Vermont Editor's Point 
of View" by _Vermont Life_ Editor Emeritus and Center member Tom Slayton.

The program, which runs for approximately forty minutes, can be viewed 
on Comcast Cable on Channel 16 (both North and South) as follows:
        Wednesday, February 13, 2008, at 11 A.M.
                        repeats at                          8 P.M.
                        repeats at                        midnight

The program was originally delivered as the Center for Research on 
Vermont's Annual Meeting Presentation on May 3, 2007, at the University 
of Vermont.

For more information about RETN's schedule, please visit the RETN Web 
site at < <>> or contact RETN directly 
at 802-654-7980. The schedule is usually the same for both RETN North 
(Comcast Channel 16 in Burlington, Essex, Essex Junction, Williston, and 
Winooski) and RETN South (Comcast Channel 16 in Charlotte, Ferrisburgh, 
Hinesburg, Shelburne, and Vergennes).

Please note: RETN is working on a pilot project with the Center to make 
our videos available through the World Wide Web on demand. For more 
information, visit RETN's home page at <> and click on the 
individual programs that  are listed under /Center for Research on 
Vermont/. More programs are becoming available all the time, so please 
be patient and check back if a particular presentation is not available 
for download immediately.

In addition, videotapes of many Center programs may be borrowed from the 
Center's Video Library upon request. Please visit our Web site at 
< <>> for more information 
about the programs that are available on videotape.


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