Hi CSSA folks!!!

I hope you are having a nice week so far and are getting prepared for Snow this

Those that were present last week CSSA's Meeting where
Artificial Intelligence was a relevant point of discussion-thanks to
Mike!!-received a hard-copy of the ACM STUDENT MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION FORM.

For those that weren't is the link to download it:

So here is the idea to follow....PLEASE, Fill the form out and place it in my
inbox or at my office-it is Gary's office as well(308A)OR give it to any of
CSSA's Officers-or at the CSSA Meeting tomorrow's night
attach a check with the amount that corresponds to basic student membership-$19-
to ACM, Inc.-Check the Payment Info Section in the form-

We will be sending these bunch of forms and checks this or next week so we need them
ASAP.:) and the preference will be on our next CSSA Meeting on Wednesday.


CSSA Professional Development Chair
SWE Member