Good Day DACers - 

I hope you are enjoying the snow and are safe in your travels around campus this morning.  It is slick out there.

In preparation for our Thursday meeting (3-5 PM - Jost) I am asking you to think about our current use policy (attached for your reference) and a few, but important, questions that have surfaced in our first semester of operation.  This will be the focus of our discussion.  I also hope to present some use data from a sample 6 weeks from the fall semester.  As we strive for building equilibrium, the data becomes an important measurement.

What should be considered before we "bump" (or ask someone to relocate) an event?

What additions might we add to the "protected" dates on the current policy?

We have had a few concerns voiced about the use the Livak Fireplace for receptions following a meeting or program.  The concerns have centered around  public access to food prior to the reception and the use of the space by visitors (reading, sleeping, talking, etc.) while the reception is process.  Since this is a public area that provides access to the western end of the 4th floor, what ideas do you have to alleviate the problem?  Also, if the Livak Fireplace Lounge remains open to the public, what are your thoughts on alcohol as part of the catered menu?

Do we need to adjust the access dates to the building (as per policy)?  It currently reads that UVM non-student units have ready access at all times prior to 5 pm.  To schedule time after 5 PM, non-students have to wait for either April 1 or November 1.

We have had some conflicts arise around non-student events ending with not enough time for a student program to set-up.  We have also had some of the same conflicts between student programs.  Beyond having the Operations folks do the best they can to accommodate the ending/set-up times, should we set any new parameters?

We have had some crowd control issues for a few events on the 4th floor.  We are moving to "block book" some events as an operational/security strategy (requiring  managed access to the 4th floor through the main stairway).  We anticipate this being required from an operational perspective a few times a semester for evening/late night programs.  We also know that it has surfaced a few times for other events (to limit public access to the 4th floor).  What are you thoughts on this dynamic?

We also have had a few requests for program to extend after the stated building operating hours.  Do you see any issues to consider beyond the challenge to the Operations Office in securing the building later and the billing of the program sponsor for extra support service time?

Thanks.  See you Thursday.