Hi everyone,

   We will be holding a very important meeting next Wednesday 2-20 at  
7:00 in Votey 207.  Dan Baker will be presenting on the oven  
construction and measurements that he took while in Honduras this past  
winter break.  I highly encourage you all to attend.
   Since you have all done an amazing job fund raising and devoting  
time to our projects, we are going to have pizza at our Wednesday  
meeting.  Some our accomplishments include:
    * bringing community awareness to our club while fundraising $1500  
at our banquet/raffle
    * $900 from our volunteer work at VT teddy bear
    * we just received a budget allocation from SGA for $3,670!!
The URECA! proposals and barrett proposal are in.  I will let you know  
when we receive the results and give you copies of the proposals if we  
receive these scholarships.  Great job everyone!!

** We will be changing our meeting day & time to Wednesday nights at  
7:00 as a chapter.  We will discuss how we are going to phase our  
project into groups, so we may not meet as frequently in a larger  
group. **

Have a great weekend