hey jac.

sorry i should have replied to this a while probably making  
your life difficult. :( sorry.

Jessica Stanley '08 CE
I checked the minutes and didn't know what the area of interests could  
be but I think i could like just about everything. whats areas are you  
gonna do?

see you in class.



Quoting Jacqueline Elizabeth Bell <[log in to unmask]>:

> Hi EWB,
>   Last night a list was created with the members there, listing their
> name, year, major, and area of interest for the Honduras Project.  If
> you were not there, please email me this information by saturday.
>   I am putting together a powerpoint presentation on project planning
> for our next meeting on wednesday 2-20.  It will be informative and
> concise.  We will then be breaking into project groups to outline the
> project scopes and work breakdown structures for the group.  Everyone's
> commitment is very important at this stage.  We will begin working in
> smaller groups and meeting as a whole chapter once a month (or twice
> when needed).  If you have any questions please email me.
> Thanks,
> Jacquie