Hi everyone,

   We will be holding a meeting tomorrow night 2-27-08 at 7:00 for the  
student chapter.  It will not be necessary for the professionals to  
attend.  It may be more comfortable for some students to share ideas  
amongst peers in smaller groups.


Project Planning Presentation (15 to 20 min)
        -an article on planning is on the sharepoint website.
Break into Project Groups
        -Establish deliverables for the group
        -Identify objectives
        -Find a meeting time and method of communication that works  
for everyone.

Project Groups:
Nicaragua Project: Shanta & Andy

Spanish: Allison Murphy

Lead: Ezra Kahn
Members: Matt Cherouney, Rachel Flinkstrom, Joe Krupa

Oven Geometry & Materials
Lead: Kelly Wasserbach
Members: Shanta Keller, Erin Brophy, Owen Edgerton, Jessica Stanely

Lead: Nicole Mason
Members:  Andy Touchette, Allison Murphey

Lead: Jacquie Bell
Members: Nathan Dagesse, Tammy Stone, Brianna Torpey

Please let me know if you would like any changes.
See you all tomorrow!