Hello Vermont APSE Partners,
Please do not respond directly to this email as it will go to everyone on the list serve. If you have a question or input for me use the forward button & copy in my email address. Many Thanks.
Our upcoming Vermont APSE conference on May 7, 2008 will be our 11th year. Our conference committee has been discussing the "traditional" Recognition Ceremony and has decided to follow the same ceremony format as last year.
For a statewide conference, it can be difficult process to properly and respectfully recognize the good work that everybody is doing. We fully encourage people to recognize their employees, employers, and staff on a regular basis if you choose to. But for the statewide conference this year we choose to recognize your work through a slide show encompassing all the work that everyone does. Below is the request along with an authorization form attached.
Please join us in our 11th year APSE celebration with your photosŠ
In order to produce a complete power point for the APSE Conference in May, we REALLY need your help.
Would each of you please submit a photo that can be used to celebrate the diversity, inclusion and partnerships that are developed by way of your supported employment services?
The power point will take the place of the award ceremony so we definitely want you all to utilize this format as a way to celebrate your supported employees, their co-workers and supervisors. So, because this will actually be the recognition portion of the day, feel free to be as creative as you want.
A release is attached, Please have it signed and returned to:
Jenna Mazur
Project Hire
Howard Center
102 South Winooski Avenue
Burlington, VT 05401
Email photos to: [log in to unmask]
If emailing photos please mail consent forms to Jenna Mazur. (See above address)
Please mail hard copy photos to Jenna Mazur. (See above address)
Please let me know if you have any questions! (802) 488-6558
Well Wishes & Best Regards,
Jenna Mazur
Jenna Mazur
Employment Consultant
Howard Center
Project Hire
102 So. Winooski Ave.
Burlington, VT 05401
(802) 488-6558
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