Yes, my district developed power standards last year for K-8, based on pruning the GEs down to no more than 12 or 13 standards per grade level.  We had Doug Reeves from Vermont Institutes help us with this process (we are still working with him on our district-wide assessments to be given this year).  I would be happy to share them with you, but it will have to be Feb break before I can get to it.  We compared them to the NCTM focus points and there is a pretty strong match.  We are implementing these power standards in the early grades this year and trying to phase them in at the upper grades as we can, all the while waiting for the implementation at the lower grades to show results.  We had found that our written curriculum was one year behind by 7th grade, so we can't just jump in with the new grades 7 and 8 power standards.  Are you the Karen from Guilford who was at the Middle level Institute last summer?

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Hi All--
Has anyone done work re: math "power standards" (and I use that term generally)? 
Teachers in my district are not getting to all the units in our math program, 
and some teachers put different levels of emphasis on different concepts/units. 
We want to clarify the absolutes at each grade level, and the "nice to knows," 
which will then inform our development of local math assessments. We're doing 
some work with the NCTM Focal Points, and I was wondering if anyone else had 
done work like this we might learn from. I'd appreciate anything anyone has to 

Karen Reinhardt
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