And one important secret to cultivating roses is being willing to PRUNE way

I am now replacing several out-dated models, including an 8 yr old Sonicwall
which they no longer support ... I actually have 4 Gateway Pentium 120 boxes
which still run our network TTY software and they are on the retirement list
as well

Anyone have experience with a Sonicwall Pro 3060 ?

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>Must be something besides productivity that makes life worth living. :-)

Vince, I am glad you share your point of view, and I enjoy the nostalgia you
find in it, but productivity and specifically the increases in it are what
make life worth living. 

I am not interested in any of the previous years systems or models. Not
windows 3.0 not a 1979 Buick Skylark. Nor unpasteurized milk straight from a
cow, nor steamship ocean travel, nor outhouses, nor wood cook stoves, nor
life without I-89, nor life before FDIC, nor gas lighting, nor lead paint,
nor x-ray shoe sizing, nor indiscriminate medical use of leaches, life
before plastic, nor coal fired locomotives. Honestly I don't really miss the
Pony Express. 

We might just be spending too much time smelling the roses and not enough
time cultivating them.