That is very helpful . I have already setup a short survey - that was too
easy .I sent the info along.. I like that recipients do not need a Google


For my own needs, I was going to use surveymonkey .. it looks like that
would have statistics on how many folks answered which way. I would have abt
10 questions, and only 1 text/comment section. 


I am wondering if Google Docs has a way to get the statistics of the
responses (I wld be sending this out to abt 150 people).


I really would like to use the Google Docs, and will continue to experiment.
Thx again.



Bill Clark

Austine School





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Google Docs now has a form tool which works pretty well. It lets you make web-based forms which can be

On Feb 7, 2008 12:10 PM, Bill Clark <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

Our staff interpreters are looking for a way to allow users to access a
request form which can be filled out by the requestor then emailed to the
staff interpreters. .There would be only 6-7 questions to be answered..


I am wondering the best way to go about this . any suggestions ? Web-based
or word-based ?



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