My dad who has been on dialup until this week, because no broadband was available, just signed up for broadband through verizonwireless.    It is really cool, now any place he can get a cell phone signal (which is quite spotty in vt)  He can get internet access.  He has a boat on Lake Champlain, and with this unit he can get broadband on his boat in the middle of the lake.

I couldn't find much info on the website, according to my dad they have only been offering it for 6months.  I think the following link is the information on what he got:

The service uses a USB720 usb modem.  It is about the size of a cell phone and plugs into a usb port.  From what I can tell it works like the old dial up modem but dials into a cell signal.  

I also noticed that Verizon (not wireless) is now offering fiber into your homes: