With the help of a rather inconspicuous snowfall accumulation last night, we just surpassed the amount of snowfall obtained during the entire 2006-2007 season at our place in Waterbury.  The Burlington NWS station is on the verge of passing their 2006-2007 season accumulation as well.  More details and a link to a few pictures from today are below:

February 14th, 2008:  6:00 A.M. update from Waterbury, VT.


New Snow:  0.3 inches

Liquid Equivalent:  N.D.

Ratio:  N.D.

Snow Density:  N.D.

Temperature:  29.8 F

Humidity:  81%

Barometer:  28.76 in Hg

Wind:  Calm

Sky:  Light Snow/Partly Cloudy

Cumulative storm snow total:  6.1 inches

Cumulative storm liquid total:  0.84 inches

Current snow at the stake:  30 inches

Season snowfall total:  153.6 inches


We picked up three more tenths of an inch of snowfall last night, bringing us to 6.1 inches for this event.  After tying last seasonís 153.4 inches of snowfall yesterday evening, this accumulation puts this season cleanly into the lead with 153.6 inches.  The NWS has Burlingtonís accumulation for the season now at 93.0 inches, and they are (perhaps not so coincidentally) on the verge of passing their total of 94.6 inches from last season.  This morningís snowfall accumulation at the house was very fluffy stuff that had apparently drifted down in the perfectly calm air.  In fact, it was still drifting down as I took my morningís observations to the tune of what I initially thought Iíd call flurries, but there was just too much of it falling and I had to go with light snow.  It was also one of those occasions where much of the sky was actually clear, but it was still snowing.  I couldnít tell if there were clouds directly above me or not because it was still too dark, but I could see that the sky was virtually clear as I looked east toward the center of Waterbury where it was getting bright with the coming sun.  Even in the darkness I could see that there were certainly some clouds sitting along the spine of the Greens, either directly above me or perhaps slightly to the west.  As I traveled east into the center of Waterbury, the snowfall continued, and at the Park and Ride it was still snowing at about the same intensity as what Iíd seen at the house.  The sky was certainly much clearer there.  I can remember a person inquiring on the forum about how they could be getting snow when the sky was essentially clear.  A well-informed response asked if they had any mountains near them, because they said oftentimes snowfall that is occurring in the mountains can be blown to nearby areas that are not under cloud cover.  Iím guessing thatís what was going on today, and although it does seem to happen fairly often to us, this morning was a rather nice example that stood out so I decided to comment on it.  The setup was even more obvious as I headed west of the Greens.  Looking back from Richmond I could clearly see the bank of clouds sitting along the spine of the Greens, while everything to the west was clear.  The bank of clouds wasnít even that high in elevation (probably topping out at around 4,000 to 5,000 feet), so although I couldnít see past the clouds, it wasnít hard to comprehend that it was clear to the east of the spine as well.  I didnít take a liquid precipitation measurement this morning, but it would have been tough to get with such a small amount of dry snow.  I estimate the snow was in the 4% H2O range, so that would equate to just a tenth or two of liquid which would be hard to measure with my equipment.  The roads must have been nasty this morning for some reason because at around 6:30 A.M. on the bus ride into Burlington, we passed two tractor trailers that had jackknifed just before the Richmond Flats area as we were heading west on I-89.  They were both sitting there being attended by emergency vehicles in the span of maybe a mile or two.  I spoke with our bus driver, Buddy, and he said that road was actually fine when he went through, so the trucks may have hit it just right to catch some black ice.  I took a few pictures of the clouds along the mountains which are available at the link below:







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