In a word, EPIC.
We skied crotch to waist deep fresh fluffy snow from beginning to end today. It was deeper than yesterday.
M2 made a miraculous recovery. Amazing what a little fresh air and deep fluffy powder will do.
It was the best in-area day of skiing in my life. Marc had some great ideas for fresh untracked snow on the bucolic snow drenched western flanks. In the morning we skied exclusively off Wildcat due to the wind and low-vis at the top of Collins, not to mention that the snow on that side was deep and the trees kept visibility manageable. It was so amazing that it made me completely high and giddy and I could not stop grinning. Each run was multi-orgasmic.
I had a big surprise today and I believe I earned it (Bob). My skis went deep and came to a quick stop while my body did not slow down as fast. I did a double-ejection face plant when my skis went deep into a dip right in front of Marc who was waiting atop a snowy knoll. He was bummed not to have caught it on video. I'm sure it was quite a sight. I lost one of my skis in the deep snow for a while and needed some help finding it. Luckily for me the guys were right there and assisted with the search. Falling is not dangerous in such deep snow, but it is extremely exhausting digging for your ski that is 3 feet under the snow, and it is also exhausting to get your body out of the deep fluffy snow enough to get your boots back in your bindings. I vowed not to fall again and I purchased powder cords during our lunch stop.
After skiing down the western flanks to the road before lunch in some of the best untracked deep snow of the day. We caught the bus and took it up to the Rustler Lodge where we had a very delicious sit-down meal in view of the High Rustler where we watched a number of big-mountain rippers ski big fast turns right down the gut while our gear dried off by the fire and we enjoyed our lunch.
Our last run of the day was even further west down to the heli-pad. That area had absolutely no tracks anywhere and seemed to have not been skied at all in possibly a number of days. A really sweet way to end the day. Big grins all around.
The road had just re-opened after a bit of avalanche control, and it was nearly 3:30, so we called it a day and headed down the canyon before it closed again.
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