On Feb 4, 2008 11:51 AM, Dave Cramer <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
Anyone do this yesterday? I had a great time... skiing the Long Trail
from MRG to Mt. Ellen was magnificent. Worst part was skinning up icy
moguls on Lower Antelope. My legs were so shot by the end that I was
praying for uphill rather than downhill!

Yes, and I too am in a great deal of pain today (although I think most of it has to do with last night's results, not yesterday's). Some random and disorganized thoughts:

Overall the day was well organized, although I think the $50 registration fee was exorbitant especially with no lift rides and a course staffed largely with volunteers. For that price I'd expect a cool t-shirt and/or a reeb voucher and/or a raffle with lots of shwag in it, none of which we got.

As always, the event featured a great group of competitors of a very courteous and friendly nature.

It is abundantly clear to me that a full race setup is needed to compete in one of these events, and I dont think I can justify purchasing one (especially since I can continue to use my comparatively heavy setup as an excuse for my performance). Even with my Dynafit bindings, I'd still say Sheffy's skis combined weighed less than one of my skis, and his poles combined weighed less than one of my poles. Thus I'm relegated to competing against my own times from previous years, which I did okay (I was shooting for a 15 minute improvement, ended up with a ~12 minute improvement).

Its worth pointing out what a good day of training the race makes for; where else is one going to cover that much mileage and climb that much vert at this time of year in VT with the conditions the way they are? (Now that SBN is open for the season, that is)

Lastly, no props to the people in full Dynafit racing setups who entered the 'rec' division.

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