Been there, done that. Alone.

Found Tusk on SuperBowl Sunday 7 years ago*,  alone, exhausted, with a 102 fever, no phone, no 2way radio. Parked at the Big Pig to make one last run before picking some folks up at the ItDoesntMatterhorn. Followed tracks into the woods and became a gaper. It's only Spruce peak, right? The 50 foot ice bulge was daunting - what a relief to find Rte 108 just north of the Stowe/Cambridge line.

- Bruno

*the last year the Giants lost a Superbowl

On 2/5/08, Scott Danis <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
That's some funny stuff.  You should have named them the Gaped Crusaders or

On Tue, 5 Feb 2008 09:37:28 -0500, Allen Taylor <[log in to unmask]>

>So anyways, Sam and I went up to the smuggs side of the notch
>yesterday to do a little ice climbing. We were at the workout wall by
>the road, it was a great day and I was climbing in a t-shirt.
>During sam's second climb i saw something out of the corner of my eye,
>It was none other than a huge gaper trying to make it through the
>woods on snow blades with no poles. I pointed out the sighting to sam.
>The person then continued to ski on to 108 and say "hey there's a road
>here". He then proceeded to ski down the road to where sam and I were
>ice climbing and gape. I first asked him weather he knew there was a
>road here when he dropped, he said no but he figured he would come out
>somewhere, I then informed him that many survival situations arise
>that way. By this time two equally gaping snowboarders had joined him.
>I also came to learn that they had come from spruce peak. It was then
>my upmost joy to inform them that they were not only in the wrong ski
>resort but also in the wrong town. I told them their only option was
>to hike back through the notch on 108. I guess they didn't really
>believe me because they kept going into to smuggs. They parted by
>commenting on what great "adventurists" sam and I were and how
>everyone needed a little adventure (i think referring to their
>exploit). Now I don't find getting completely lost without any gear to
>be that adventurous I tend to think of it as plain old dumb, but thats
>just me.
>All in all it was a sweet day of climbing, a good way to spend some
>time when the snow is sub prime.
>As lonely as the mountain can be, lonelier still is the man whose
>travels take him away from the mou
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