At the awards ceremony after the MRV race the organizer and several others
were talking about other races in the East, whether real or imaginary.


Think we could convince Stowe to host a race ever?


It could have some real vertical and be a bit more "bc" than other resort


How about start at the Quad base - skin up Nosedive - continue on the Toll
Road all the way to the top of The Nose - descend back down from The Nose
and onto The Bruce - near the bottom of the Bruce hang a right up the
Overland( Underhill?) Trail, Hang a left under Dewey and traverse the Skytop
- Descend the Steeple and finally skate/pole your way all the way to the
Matterhorn Bar for the awards ceremony.


I think it's less than 11miles, ~3,400+ feet of skinning, and ~4,000+ feet
of descending.  This course wouldn't interfere with normal resort operations
much, wouldn't clog up the base lodge during the day, could highlight some
cool terrain like the MRV race, could have a shortened course for the Rec
division (no skytop/steeple)..


Does this sound fun to anyone else?



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