As written in the lunch break, today was quite good.  We probably had
4 inches in the morning and another 4 inches by the time lifts closed.

Anna (6 years) was back in snowboard school today, and Mommy, Daddy
and Renee (9 years) went out for some powder.  First tracks down
Warmup Woods, second tracks down Poacher's Woods.  I got second tracks
in Ollie's Wood, was there for a sweet rope drop on Madonna II
liftline) and then headed back up Madonna 1 with the girls.  We went
straight to Bermuda, scoring third tracks down that.  After a lunch
break, we went out to find Anna, who was practicing doing rails (yes,
on her third day ever of snowboarding, they start them on rails) near
the Magic Carpet - the snow under Mogul Mouse lift was too deep for
the pitch that they kept getting stuck there, so they moved back down.

We went over to Morse Highlands to get some pictures in the terrain
park.  When Renee was done, she went into see Marko the Magician and I
was free.  Back to Madonna, talked to some ski patrollers - all of
Drifter and Catwalk accessible stuff past FIS was still closed -
planned opening tomorrow (that should be good, given that they haven't
been opened since Sunday).  Went up to try Moustache, which a very
loud ski instructor announced to anyone within earshot on my second
run, and found out that they had opened Liftline from below
midstation.  Since I've never done that line, I skied it (and
Norwegian Woods, also nice) and hopped back up to find Moustache
(through Ollie's woods again).  Oliver did a nice job on both of those
lines.  I suspect we'll see Moustache on the trail map soon, although
the lower part is hinted at.  (BC for any info).  It was a very
popular glade, but skied very nicely.

Quick trip up Sterling to get back to Parking lot, picked up a few
trails that I've never done before (I've already skied more named
trails at Smuggs than Ben, so I'm just widening the lead).  The line
that Ben and I were talking about being very popular this year - at
3:45pm had only three tracks, including mine.  Found an extension and
took it down and then over to Powder Keg (I think - Ben showed me the
entrance and it matches Powder Keg on the trail map, but I've never
seen a marker from the mountain).

The snow was medium-light (not blower, but not tiring to ski through).
 Wind during the day was almost non-existent and temps were quite
comfortable.  Heavy snowfall throughout the day kept things fresh.
The crust underneath was somewhat disconcerting in areas.  But the
entire mountain is well covered right now.

Tomorrow should be good.  I plan to spend the entire day at... Morse
Highlands with the girls.  Hmmm.  Well, maybe we can get Anna to do
some toe side turns so that she can actually rip the mountain as well
as her older sister next year.

Pics from today will be posted later.


PS - I called out for Rachel.  Does she actually have a radio?  Tune
to 3-13 and maybe we'll have prove of her existence.

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