Green trails this morning.  Over on the shortest lift in the world
that managed to fit 67 chairs on it.

Easily 6-8 inches fell at the ~1500 feet mark just last night.  And
its really light.  You can't even tell that there's a medium density
underneath (from yesterday), and you can't tell that there's a crust
underneath that (the niar from yadseuT).  Ventured off the side and
found knee deep (Renee was in waist deep at one point).

The mis-education of a snowboarder is going well.  Four linked turns
in a row.  She's now even gone over her first jump - if that's what
you call not gaining enough speed to make it over and having to hop up
the last two feet.  I think we're going back with a goal of 8 linked
turns in a row.  When she's done that, we're going into the woods,

I'm sure the skiing is excellent on Sterling and Madonna.


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