It wasn't a good date by Northern Vermont standards, but I'm not  
living in northern Vermont anymore, and nmad was it nice to ski some  
fresh snow again.  I took the Anti-Pistes out, hit the K-1 line just  
right (waited less than five minutes and was on the fourth cabin up  
the hill), first run was across to the top of the Glades triple.   
Powerline had bumps lurking, but between soft snow filling in and  
wide, not-too-stiff skis, I mostly floated my way across them.  A few  
big turns down Great Northern, then first tracks down Racer's Edge and  
a right turn into the woods.  The snow wasn't super-deep, but there  
was enough soft stuff on top of a firmer base that the turns were  
awfully nice.  The next few runs were similar, with a few okay turns  
and some darn good ones; Big Dipper was worth three trips through,  
pushing further left each time.  I finished up with a couple more  
runs, the last of which featured rather nice turns down skiers' right  
of Highline.

I did find it interesting how much the snow depth and consistency  
varied from place to place; Toilet Bowl had a more evident crust layer  
within the new stuff, while the untracked portions of Big Dipper skied  
like straight-up powder.  The bottom of Highline was more granular,  
but all of it was fun.

Kevin T. Broderick
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