Yep, and Briar. And me just drove through the pass tonight.. I hear that there is supposed to be a little less snow than normal this year.  Asfrickinif. There are huuuUge snow pillows everwhere lying on the rocks

All I know is that the Revelstoke McDonalds sign has its golden arches pretty much obscured by massive mound of snowbanks right now. 

There is ton of snow lying around town. Ive only seen it like this near Sugar Bowl in Tahoe. I cant wait to ski Revelstoke resort tomorrow

Actually Kicking Horse was mighty fine today as well. About six inches of fresh on firm but never slick base. Despite a late start because getting in to Golden at two am last night. We got in well 20K of vert today. 

 But I have now have very high hopes for tomorrow and Sunday based on what it looks like in town

More to be posted tomorrow....

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Subject: Re: [SKIVT-L] Roger's Pass, Fernie, Big Mountain Co-conspirators Wanted

Sounds like a great trip you have planned, Traven. 5 days at the Wheeler
Hut in early March should be quite an experience.

Try to fit in some of the smaller ski hills in southern B.C. / Alb.
during your visit, such as Castle, Red, and Whitewater. They may be
smaller than Fernie, but they are great places to ski with good snow.

I look forward to your TR. Take lots of photos.

FYI: It's named Rogers Pass, not Roger's Pass. The pass was discovered
in 1881 by Major Albert Bowman Rogers, a surveyor working for the
Canadian Pacific Railway.

I was corrected on this mistake in the first geology paper I wrote
nearly 20 years ago. The person who corrected me was the esteemed B.C.
geologist J.O. Wheeler, the son of A.O. Wheeler whom the Wheeler Hut is
named after. J.O. told me that Rogers would not have liked it for people
to be calling it Roger's Pass.


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