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>Overall the day was well organized, although I think the $50 registration
>fee was exorbitant especially with no lift rides and a course staffed
>largely with volunteers. For that price I'd expect a cool t-shirt and/or a
>reeb voucher and/or a raffle with lots of shwag in it, none of which we got.

-- Agreed, this was surprising.  (Especially since I was hoping that my
rando race cumulative shwag count would break the one-grand mark this week.)
 But now that Life-Link has lost the U.S. Dynafit distributorship, and the
new Salewa-owned distributorship seems to be offering little or no support
to U.S. rando racing, has to be a tough transition period.  (At least
Backcountry magazine donated an entire box of their latest issue . . . even
though it never was handed out, as I discovered at the end of the day at MRG.)

>It is abundantly clear to me that a full race setup is needed to compete in
>one of these events, and I dont think I can justify purchasing one
>(especially since I can continue to use my comparatively heavy setup as an
>excuse for my performance). 

-- Consider getting a lighter-weight (though not race-weight) setup for
spring outings, which is what I originally used in races.  Brian (5th place,
right ahead of me, reversing our order from the previous week after he
Dynafized) got the Atomic Ambition from OGE, and they still have the
non-beta version: 
My hunch is that since the Ambition skis far better than the description OGE
had up, the same might be true of the Climber.  Trab also has some very nice
skis in the low 70s waist width, but they're pricey.  Used Atomic R:9.22
variations are also cheap, plentiful, and light.  Plus check out some of
Scott's deals: (All
funds go to support his trip to rando race world championships in Europe!

>Lastly, no props to the people in full Dynafit racing setups who entered the
>'rec' division.
-- Yes, a new standard has been set for sandbagging.  (And the post-race
Dynafit t-shirt just added insult to injury.)

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