As of the early A.M., it's snowing here in Waterbury.  Details below:

February 2nd, 2008:  2:00 A.M. update from Waterbury, VT.


New Snow:  0.6 inches

Temperature:  32.5 F

Humidity:  98%

Barometer:  28.44 in Hg

Wind:  Calm

Sky:  Light Snow

Cumulative storm total:  2.7 inches

Current snow at the stake:  14 inches

Season snowfall total:  116.3 inches


I woke up to bring one of the boys back to bed, and it happened to be time for another weather reading, so I looked outside and noticed it was snowing.  Iím not sure if we got in on the rain/freezing rain or not since when I headed to bed we were just getting sleet.  There is a bit of a crust on our snowpack now however, so something may have happened before we returned to snow.  The crust isnít very strong, but the top layer of the snowpack is no longer loose like it was when I last checked.  The composition of the latest 0.6Ē accumulation on the snowboard was a little light snow on top of what looked like consolidated wet snow and sleet.  Iíll look around in the morning and see if there was any glazing around here.  Based on the radar, I can see a slug of snow in upstate New York that appears to be heading this way, so maybe Iíll have some additional snow accumulation to report in the morning.




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