We headed up to Bolton this afternoon for some runs with the boys.  When we left the house (495’) the temperature was 35 F, at the bottom of the Bolton Valley access road (340’) the temperature was 36 F, and when we arrived up at the Timberline base (~1,550’) it was 32 F.  While we were experiencing snow flurries in the valley, the unexpected surprise was that is was snowing lightly to occasionally moderately at times on the mountain.  It didn’t accumulate too substantially for the couple of hours we were there, certainly less than an inch, but it helped to freshen up the trails a little.  Other than the little bit of new snow, I’d say surface conditions were almost a carbon copy of what I experienced yesterday at Timberline.  The low and medium angle slopes we skied were great packed powder with just a couple scratchy spots where wind or traffic had abused the surface.  Off trail there was the same 2 to 4 inches of powder from yesterday depending on elevation, and many of my tracks were still sitting there from Saturday so I got to show them to Ty as he tried out some of the same lines.  Ty was quite a powder hound today though.  He blazed a lot of fresh lines in the trees, some of which were even tighter than I wanted to follow him with Telemark turns.  The untracked trees were a lot of fun overall, but we found the powder depth at the Timberline elevations was only enough for low and medium angle slopes or else you’d really be contacting the crusty base.  Down here at the house we actually hit a high temperature of 38.7 F and picked up just 0.3 inches of new snow from the snow flurries/showers.  The depth of the snowpack in the yard remains in the 15 to 16 inch range.




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