I did the race for the second time and had a great time, again.  Last year I did the Rec course, this year I did the Race course with a goal of finishing in the same time despite the added distance/elevation.  I succeeded, and it made the reeb taste great afterwards.


Evan I think you flew past me on the last descent.  The skinny-pinner mincing his way down to the finish = me.


$50 is pretty pricey, and I was ticked at first, but now I think it was worth it.  The event was really well run and staffed.  I would have loved more schwag and a beer ticket, but whatever.  Registration was quick and easy, the start was on time, the course well marked and really well staffed by enthusiastic hosts/patrollers, and the awards ceremony happened in a timely manner.  I’ll pay $50 again to have an event so well run that requires so many people and organizations to work together.



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