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Subject: [SKIVT-L] Canada, Days 2 & 3 of 9


After Lake Louise, I hopped on a Greyhound and headed west down the Trans Canada Highway ......


On the banks of the mighty Columbia, we waited for the chopper:

PJ was with us, in training for racing in the MRV!  Also, a retired professional Ironman was with us and a prominent mountaineer as well as Dave, the friendly down-to-Earth Orchard Tycoon from Kelowna and 2 other Woodchucks!  We had a friendly crew!


After arriving, we practiced hard with our beacons and rescue drills:


We then rewarded ourselves with a half day of 2500 feet of vertical, getting some good standard issue thigh deep untracked!


Next morning, I looked out my window and saw clear skies!:


But it appeared that the higher peaks had some winds roaring at their summits, courtesy of a front roaring in from the Northwest Territories:


Undaunted, we headed out into the wild blue yonder:


But even the lower summits were getting blasted!  It was more like Noo Eenk-linn vedder!  The Selkirk family was getting paid a visit from Mr. Adams, Mr. Jefferson and Mr. Washington!


Our powder was getting pancaked, leaving tricky windslab everywhere:


What to do?  ...... head for the trees, of course:


Hey, wait a minute, the West doesn't have great tree skiing, right?:


Fantastic views abounded from below, which I had never experienced before!  Normally when I'm below, it's cloudy and snowy, but not today:


We stayed outta' harms way as an avalanche cycle was in high gear from the shrieking winds:


We still had a great day which made us smile!:


Which made the long skin back uphill easy with all of those smiles on our faces:


Mark P. Renson

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