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> the hi-light of the day however had to be my best tree explosion yet
> (when you're skiing woods, hit a sapling and due to icing/the force
> of the hit, it blows up). i came around a corner at top speed in goat
> woods and was surprised to find a downed sapling in front of me fully
> across the trail. i immediately headed right where it looked smaller
> and pulled the poles up for protection (i have a broken rib and
> absolutely can't fall or hit my chest). i went from top speed to
> almost stopped immediately, but didn't loose my footing and was
> somehow still skiing. i stopped and looked back. the top of a downed
> tree had fallen into a pine tree and suspended the downed tree across
> the trail, the spot i hit was about 3 inches wide and was now broken
> cleanly, opening up the trail. in addition there were broken shards
> of smaller sticks and branches from the pine tree spread out in a 5
> foot circle from the point of impact. my hood was filled with pine
> needles when i got back to the car.

That sounds really cool Sam.  I wish I could have seen it live or on video, but your description gives me some rather vivid images as well.  Nicely done.

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