Here's another update I put together for Eastern; I threw in a few of the ski area accumulations totals and times for areas that have posted intermediate snowfall updates:

I'm currently at UVM in Burlington for this update.  I had initially planned to pop outside and take a measurement of the new snowfall when the first round of precipitation shut off - but I'm not sure that's going to happen.  I kept checking the Intellicast regional and Weather Underground composite radars as the snowfall seemed to be fading, and came back after an hour or so to find that the signal on the composite was exploding again over Burlington with some 35 db returns.  And, when I looked out my window it was snowing pretty hard with 1 to 2 cm flakes.  When I zoom out to the Intellicast national radar, it makes me wonder if there’s even going to be a break around here between this morning’s impulse of snow and the one that is coming in tonight.  I still went out and found a sheltered spot that seemed to have representative snow accumulation, and came up with an average reading of about 4 ¼ inches of snow here at UVM.  That was around 1:00 P.M.  Despite moderate to sometimes heavy snowfall, the snow doesn’t seem to be accumulating all that fast here; perhaps the temperature is a bit marginal right here in the valley.  With the way the snowfall is going though, I suspect the local mountains are getting pounded.  The highest total I’ve seen reported so far for the mountains was 10 inches at Mad River Glen as of 10:00 A.M. this morning, and although I’m not sure how much they’re getting in on the current snowfall, some resorts should easily be sliding past the 1-foot accumulation mark with tonight’s snow.  Here are a few of the intermediate ski resort accumulation reports I’ve found for the area today:


Burke:  5 inches (11:00 A.M.)

Smugg’s:  4 inches (1:00 P.M.)

Stowe:  5 inches (11:30 A.M.)

Mad River:  10 inches (10:00 A.M.)

Sugarbush:  5 inches (5:00 A.M.)




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