I popped up to Bolton for some runs today before work, and hereís the lowdown.  I skinned for a first run before lift loading and found about 4 to 5 inches on top of the groomed areas up to Mid Mountain where I descended.  Off piste and on the ungroomed runs I found about 15 inches of new snow in undisturbed spots, and although there wasnít too much wind with this system, the snow did get distributed around a bit.  I was going to leave after a couple of lift-served runs, but it started dumping at an inch an hour so I decided to stay for a few more.  Also, I was starting to dial in my Telemark turns in the steeper and deeper terrain and I didnít want to waste that groove.  Iíd never skied Tele in any snow this deep in Montana, so that was a new experience.  Itís not as easy as it looks, but itís a heck of a lot of fun in snow like this.  I had some waist-deep shots off the side of Cobrass (thanks to Telemark stance of course) and tons of over the knee experiences.  I did realize today that wearing knee pads does hamper a bit of that sensation of the snow cascading over the dropped knee, but as long as you get up to the thigh area with the snow you get some of that back.  I want to get some full fat Tele skis though, as I could definitely feel what theyíd do on a day like today over my narrower/mid fat skis.  The mountain was making snow on Spillway (this is the first Iíve seen them doing it there this season) which was good to see.  Perhaps they are preparing for the spring season.  Spillway is really too wide, exposed, and littered with obstacles to try to rely on natural snow only for good coverage.  If it had been kept it a bit narrower like the other steep runs to its north it would probably run on just natural snow just fine.  It wasnít an especially epic day or anything, but a decent 1+ foot powder day with quality snow, comfortable temperatures, and minimal wind.


A few pictures from Waterbury and Bolton today are up at:






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