I think this is the trend that I have been expecting. The publishers have
figured out that their printed journals are becoming less important to us.
Unfortunately they have also figured out a way to make us pay.  We will
inevitably end up paying way more.  That is why I am so very reluctant to
ditch my print subscriptions!  Personally I don't think Docline is an
option since it would probably require institutional subscriptions to all
of the journals they have listed.

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"Librarians are not just good at Internet searching because we understand
how to play word games. We're good because we know where we need to go and
the quickest routes for getting there; we are equipped not just with
compasses but with mental maps of the information landscape."
- -Marylaine Block

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We have a 2008 subscription to a journal and discovered recently that
2008 is all we have access to. My doctors were disappointed and somewhat
disgusted with the publisher for not allowing more access.

Nevertheless, I submitted a request through Docline for a couple of
articles from 2007 and 2006. The doctor was not happy with the scanned
articles because he couldn't see the pictures which were important for
learning about a procedure.

I contacted the librarian who sent them. She had scanned them because
she didn't have access to these years online. Could this be a future
option in Docline?

Original pdf vs. scanned pdf?


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