I agree with Rachel.  I will ski alone and be happy by
myself but I usually have as much fun or more with a
friend even in less stellar places and conditions.  

When I am with my friend Greg he always wants me to
lead.  Dunno why he does but sometimes it gets
aggravating it seems. When I come upon an untouched
line sometimes I stop and insist I won't go any
further until he takes it first.  I get a kick out of
watching him pull off some stuff sometimes that I
wonder if I would.  He is actually better than he
gives himself credit for I feel.  Most of my skiing is
solo but I prefer a posse or some companionship. 
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> Sent: Friday, February 22, 2008 4:23:26 PM
> Subject: Re: [SKIVT-L] Woods Skiing Policy
> i strictly ride solo no matter what... you don't
> have to share 1st tracks and 
> the only person holding you back is yourself.
> there's nothing worse than 
> breaking trail up the chin and looking back at the
> crowd of out-of-shape skiers 
> passing your buddy.  ugh.
> -christian
> you never ride with friends? even the in-shape ones?
> i also love my solo rides...just riding for myself
> with no one else to consider...but more days than
> not, i also enjoy the social aspect, the
> comeraderie, making new friends, having adventures
> with old ones.
> rach

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