I love this list because it introduces me to so many terms. Droneville is so
nice. Gaper, of course, is my favorite. I like knuckle-dragger - always a
good one. Out west they call boarders "crackers" due to the likely-hood of
seeing a plumber butt on a young boarder. Since the board trend went to neon
and white colors for a while, I even read of someone calling boarders "Andy
Warhol's." Now that is creative. 
I also really like the dynamic this juxtaposition of Vermonters and non
Vermonters (who really like Vermont) causes. I see from this post that some
VT'ers imagine the folks south of the 14th state boarder to be glued to a
computer screen selling widgets, drinking red-bulls, and yapping into a
phone all day. Well, from down here, I've often wondered what you Vermonters
do all day. I mean, it’s not like you guys are selling widgets. I've yet to
see an office facility there. So what is it  that you do all day? My guesses

Smoking sweetleaf and listening to Dead boots from the 70's.
Growing your beards and eye brows to epic proportions. 
Denting the heck out of your cars. 
Plowing, plowing, and plowing. 
Making organic everything. 
Selling products which feature some kind of dog on the packaging. 
Waiting tables
skiing skiing skiing
helping gapers get safely on the lifts. 
Rising the price of gas by a dime on weekends
More plowing
Watching Canadian Television
Checking the weather every ten minutes or so
feeding birds from the feeder
sitting by the fire
And if all else fails....
Moving to Utah. 

Is that right on? 
This Drone from Droneville is heading to Hartford to sit third row for the
Boss tonight. I am, however, having my second cup of Doughnut Inn coffee....
So you are right on there. 

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