In case any of these ideas spark an interest.


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Subject: Fundraising opportunities

Hi all,

As you received your budget totals  recently and are already thinking 
about next year here are a couple more fundraising ideas to get the ball 
rolling for the future.

1.  Alumni and Parent Programs is an office on our campus that raises 
money for the school as a whole but is very willing, and currently does, 
work with Student Organizations.  They have a wealth of information 
regarding alumni and will be continuously updating their databases.  
Please contact Daniel Jacobs if you have interest in accessing these 

2.  There are several times a year when the University needs workers for 
call centers and they pay money for these services.  Volunteering as a 
team would be a great way to earn funds.

3.  Corporate sponsorships - many national and multi-national companies 
have easy online forms or reps who you can speak with to try and solicit 

4.  Local companies - these will not always provide money but will often 
partner up for goods and services.

Have a great March Break!

Leon Lifschutz
UVM Club sports Coordinator

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The University of Vermont
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