Melissa, Remember that the input from the EA goes to a three way valve in 
the Conflo before going to the open split.  In dilution mode, the three 
way valve is supposed to direct the major portion of the EA flow out a 
1/16 inch short length of stainless steel tubing.  If this was blocked for 
some reason, this would severely restrict the flow coming from the EA. You 
should be able to stick a flow meter on the short length of tubing, and 
check the flow.  With the diluter off, you should see no flow, but with it 
on you should see about 80% of the total flow at this port.
        Good luck!

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[ISOGEOCHEM] EA carrier flow

Dear Isogeochemists,

This is in regards to a change in carrier flow rate from our Flash EA 1112 

to a Conflo III.
The carrier flow is set at 100ml/min. However, when the He dilution 
capillary is dropped in, the flow rate drops to c. 58ml/min. I have 
the heights of the capillaries in the open split and they are positioned 
correctly according to the manual. Can anyone tell me why this happens?

Thank you

Melissa Bautista
Southern Cross University
Lismore NSW Australia