Hi Andy,
Provac in the UK.  I recommend them as I have always had good and honest service.  (One time I sent in a bellows to be repaired and they cold not find a leak and returned it with no charge beyond the shipping.  My error as the problem was elsewhere.)

Finnigan 252 ref bellows repair $760 (quote in March 2007)

VG Prism sample bellows repair $420 (repaired in 2005)

VG Prism ref bellows about $402 (2005 catalog price)

I can get you email address if needed.  Jason

On Mar 20, 2008, at 12:47 PM, Andrew Schauer wrote:

I have a few Micromass Isoprime dual-inlet bellows elements that require repair. Does anyone have a recommendation for having these, or Finnigan bellows elements for that matter, repaired? Thank you.


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