Dear Isogeochem users,
This e-mail concerns a repair we would like to make on our Finnigan TC/EA.
The ceramic tube that holds the thermocouple for our furnace broke and we would like to replace it (along with the ceramic thermocouple that fits inside it). Unfortunately, it looks as if the larger tube is glued into a notch drilled in the side of the white ceramic 2-piece collar that holds our furnace element in place.
We were thinking about drilling out the broken tube and replacing it with a new one. Has anyone done this?
If so, does anyone know about the glue or epoxy (chalky white substance) that binds the outer tube to the collar?  What binding agent should we use and where can we get it?
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Heather Brant
Stable Isotope Lab
Savannah River Ecology Lab

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