Bjorn -

	The current plan is to have the hands-on lab at the April 4th VT  
Open Source conference use 10 eeePCs, which are being provided by  
Resara.  So you could see how they function in a lab environment and  
also ask the Resara guys about their experience with them.  (I am  
trying to track down a supply of flat screen monitors to hook up to  
the eeePCs - so if you have any suggestions on that front, let me know).


On Mar 18, 2008, at 9:39 AM, Bjorn Behrendt wrote:

> I am thinking about replaceing our defuct mobile lab with EEE PC's  
> (running ubuntu or XP not sure yet).   I was wondering if anybody  
> has had any long term experiance with them.    I am trying to  
> decide between buying cheapo laptops or the eeepc.   I really want  
> something that will take the beating that a mobile gets.
> -bj