To:                         UVM Faculty, Staff and Students

From:                    Gary L. Derr, Chief of Staff

Date:                     March 4, 2008

RE:                         Academic Calendar Change -- Spring 2009                

There appears significant confusion regarding the change to the 2008-2009 Academic Calendar that was announced on Sunday, March 2, 2008 in an email to the University Community.

The calendar change approved affects Spring Semester 2009 not the current Spring 2008 Semester. 

Spring 2008 Commencement is Sunday, May 18, 2008no change. 

Spring 2009 Commencement is Sunday, May 17, 2009 - changed

As a result of the new Commencement date in Spring 2009, the entire Spring Semester 2009 dates are changed. 

Please refer to the calendar below for specific dates for Spring Semester 2009 or go to the link below.

Thank you.

Academic Calendar 2008-2009

Spring 2009

Classes Begin

January 12


Martin Luther King Holiday

January 19


Add/Drop, Audit, Pass/No Pass Deadline

January 26


Presidents' Day Holiday

February 16


Town Meeting Day Recess

March 3


Spring Recess

March 9-13


Last Day to Withdraw

March 20


Honors Day

April 17


Classes End

April 29


Reading and Exam Period

April 30 – May 8

Thursday-Thursday, Friday

Reading Days

April 30, May 2-3, 6

Thursday, Saturday-Sunday, Wednesday

Exam Days

May 1, 4-5,7-8

Friday, Monday-Tuesday, Thursday-Friday


May 17



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