Fellow Students,

Happy Thursday!  We would like to congratulate Jay Taylor and Josh  
Miller, the new President and Vice President of the Student Government  
Association.  We look forward to spending the next few weeks helping  
them transition into their new roles.  Feel free to begin sharing your  
thoughts, concerns, questions, hopes, and dreams with them so that  
they can start developing a more comprehensive vision for their year  
of service to the student body.

If you are interested in serving on the SGA Senate in the upcoming  
year, it is not too late to run!  Platforms detailing your commitment  
to service and the issues you would like to address are due in the SGA  
Office today and tomorrow the petitions are due.  We cannot stress  
enough how important it is to lend your voice to this process, whether  
through your candidacy or by voting for those who you feel will best  
represent you. The Senate Elections will take place next Tuesday,  
April 1 and Wednesday, April 2.  For more information, see Elections  
Chair Emma Grady's message below.

   Another imporant issue that is still being addressed on a continued  
basis is the agreement between the University and the American Red  
Cross regarding their presence on campus.  President Ram has been  
working with the Senior Administration and the Presidential Commission  
on LGBT Equity to develop an initial draft of the Memorandum of  
Understanding that would guide their activity to mitigate concerns of  
overly aggressive solicitation of blood donations.  Please take a look  
at the attached memo, keeping in mind that it is a draft, and send  
your feedback directly to President Ram.

   Finally, we wanted to touch base regarding the recent spike in  
thefts and burglaries, largely in the residence halls.  Our  
condolences go out to those who have had their laptops, credit cards,  
and other personal possessions stolen.  As Chief Margolis highlighted,  
crime awareness leads to crime prevention.  Locked doors and security  
devices help, but they cannot take the place of a genuine sense of  
community in which students look out for their peers and their peers'  
belongings.  We encourage you to try and address the systemic issues  
behind the stealing of important and expensive items that students  
need to pursue their academic work and personal interests.  Please, be  
cognizant and considerate of one another.

Always at your service,

Kesha and DaVaughn

In this email:

* What Is SGA Doing For You?

* SGA Senate Elections Message and Timeline...Find Out How to Run!

* This Week In Athletics...

   * UVM A Cappella Concert to Benefit Lund Center THIS FRIDAY in Billings

   * Senator Sanders Welcomes Finnish Ambassador to UVM

* Hebrew Singing Blue Grass Band!

* Dancing Uphill: An Evening of Original Choreography

   * Interested in participating in UVM's 2nd Annual Relay For Life?

* 2nd Lose the Shoes Barefoot Soccer Tournament on April 5

* Last Band Standing: Friday April 11

   * Mass Power Shift is Coming!



Over the next few weeks, the SGA Constitution Committee will be  
reviewing SGA's governing documents to make any necessary updates and  
revisions.  The SGA Constitution and legislative protocol guide the  
governance and representation of the entire student body, so you may  
want to review the attached copy of the Constitution and the proposed  
changes from the Constitution Committee before the April 8 Senate  
meeting, when any revisions will be presented to the senators and  
interested members of the student body.  If you feel strongly about a  
particular issue or simply want to engage in the process, we encourage  
you to participate.  Your voice matters to us, so please share your  
thoughts with President Kesha Ram ([log in to unmask]) or Speaker Michael  
Glynne ([log in to unmask]) as soon as possible.

The SGA, the Senior Administration, and other members of the campus  
community are still reviewing the protocols that will be set in place  
specifically guiding the presence of the American Red Cross on campus.  
  Attached to this message is a draft of the Memorandum of  
Understanding for you to review and comment on.  Please get in touch  
with President Kesha Ram ([log in to unmask]) with your thoughts and concerns.

Interested in Managing a Huge Budget and Helping Others? Applications  
for Treasurer of the Student Government Association are now available  
in the SGA Office. Applications can be picked up between 9:00 am -  
4:30 pm and must be returned by March 31, 2008. Any questions? Stop by  
the SGA Finance Office (311-C Davis Center) or email the current  
Treasurer, Sarah Shackett, at [log in to unmask]

Elias Club, President: Andrew Gertler [log in to unmask][1]
Elias Club's mission is to carry out findraising events to provide the  
means to improve the living conditions and education of impoverished  
youth of Zimbabwe.

MEDLIFE, President: McLain Cheney [log in to unmask][2]
MEDLIFE (Medicine, Education and community Development for Low Income  
Families Everywhere) just came back from a spring break trip in  
Ecuador where they helped families receive access to much needed  
medical attention. The main mission of MEDLIFE is to help families  
achieve greater feedom from the constraints of poverty, empowering  
them to live healthier lives.


Next Tuesday, the Senate will debate on a resolution that strongly  
urges President Fogel and the Administration to reconsider the Basic  
Needs and Equitable Compensation Task Force?s recommendations and work  
with SLAP and the Task Force to arrive a solution that aligns with the  
University?s social justice values.
/Please review the attached legislation and President Fogel's most  
recent communication to members of SLAP regarding the University's  
livable wage stance. For more information, contact CODEEE Chair Jesse  
Bragg ([log in to unmask])./

Senators will decide on whether or not to support legislation calling  
on the University Administration to support the removal of  
Kimberly-Clark paper products and to introduce a provider that  
practices sustainable harvesting and manufacturing of paper products.
/Please review the attached legislation. For more information, contact  
Senator Bryce Jones ([log in to unmask])./

Senators will be debating on a resolution to support the revision of  
the current meal plan and support a future meal plan that will allow  
for changes such as local foods, cage-free eggs, Kosher dining, and  
/Please review the attached legislation. For more information, contact  
Senator Lauren Abda ([log in to unmask])./


In a resolution passed unanimously this past Tuesday night, the Senate  
calls on the University Administration to revisit the Adoption and  
Issuance of University Policies Policy and Code of Student Rights and  
Responsibilities to include explicit guidelines outlining the role of  
student input, as well as more formal notification and accessibility  
of policy review, revision, formulation, and implementation.  Please  
read the legislation and, if you support a stronger student voice in  
the policy process, we encourage you to articulate that in  
communication to the Administration.
/ Click on the title links to view the Policy on the Adoption and  
Issuance of University Policies and the Code of Student Rights and  
Responsibilities. Please review the attached legislation. For more  
information, contact Senator Kate Ash ([log in to unmask])./

Senate Voted in Favor of Administrative Neutrality in Union Organizing
The SGA Senate passed a resolution encouraging the UVM Administration  
to reassert its commitment to neutrality by issuing a public statement  
of neutrality regarding unionization efforts among campus employees.
/ Please review the attached legislation. For more information,  
contact Senator Emma Kennedy ([log in to unmask])./

   / A Message from the SGA Elections Chair Regarding Senate Elections.../

   Dear Students,

Have you been interested in joining the SGA?  Now is your chance to  
run.  Senatorial Elections are next week and I hope you will take  
advantage of this exciting process and the opportunity to represent  
the student body.  Attached are the rules and regulations for  

Petitions and platforms will be available in the SGA office this  
Monday, March 24 at 12:00 noon.  Platforms are due in the SGA office  
and must also be emailed to [log in to unmask] by 4:00 p.m. on Thursday,  
March 27.  Petitions, complete with 80 signatures are due Friday,  
March 28 by 12:00 noon.  Finally, the elections will be held on April  
1 and 2.

Senate Elections Timeline:
Monday, March 24th at 12:00 noon: Packets will be available in the SGA office
Thursday, March 27th by 4:00 pm: Platforms are due back to the SGA
Friday, March 28th by 12:00 noon: Completed petitions due back to the SGA

Thank you,

Emma Grady
Chair of Elections
Student Government Association
[log in to unmask]


   /Tuesday, April 1/
Men's Lacrosse vs. Fairfield: Moulton Winder Field @ 4:00 PM

UVM A Cappella Concert to Benefit Lund Center This Friday in Billings

   The University of Vermont?s Hit Paws co-ed a cappella group, along  
with the university?s all male and all female a cappella singers, the  
Top Cats and Cats  Meow, will present a concert to benefit the Lund  
Family Center on March 28 at 8:00 p.m. in Billings North Lounge.

   The night will  start with  performances by each group, followed by  
  dancing accompanied by a DJ. The groups will again perform after the  
dancing. There will be an entry donation at the door of $10 per  
student or $15 a couple. The theme is masquerade, with semi-formal  
dress. Masks will be available at the door.

Lund Family Center's mission is to help children thrive by serving  
families with children; pregnant or parenting teens and young adults;  
and adoptive families.  From its beginnings in 1890 as a maternity  
home, Lund Family Center has evolved into a cutting-edge treatment  
facility for pregnant or parenting young women with substance abuse  
and/or mental health issues and their children; Vermont's oldest and  
largest private non-profit adoption agency; and a comprehensive family  
resource as a Parent/Child Center.  Lund Family Center now serves more  
than 4,000 individuals each year.

   For more information, contact Trevor Billings at [log in to unmask]
Senator Sanders Welcomes Finnish Ambassador to UVM

President Fogel and Dean Miller to Speak at March 31st Event

Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) will introduce Ambassador Pekka Lintu  
of Finland to the University of Vermont community on Monday March 31,  
at 10:30 am at Memorial Lounge in the Waterman Building on the UVM  

UVM?s College of Education and Social Services (CESS) is co-sponsoring  
  the event with Senator Sanders. Both UVM President Dan Fogel and  
CESS Dean Faynesse Miller will speak at the gathering with the  
Ambassador of Finland.

The event is free and open to all University students and faculty members.

Sanders said, ?Finland has one of the best K-12 educational systems in  
the world, as well as free universal and high quality child care. I  
think this meeting will be of great interest to students, particularly  
those studying education and social services.?

Event Contact: Senator Sanders? office at 1-800-339-9834
Media Contact: Michael Briggs or Will Wiquist (202) 224-5141

   Hebrew Singing Blue Grass Band!

   Come see Lucky Break Perform! They are a four piece bluegrass band  
with a banjo, acoustic guitar, mandolin, and upright bass that sings  
in Hebrew!
Where: Brennan's Pub Stage
When: Thursday, March 27th, 8:00 pm  The event is Free!
All are welcome!

Sponsored by UVM Hillel and Old Time Music Club

   DANCING UPHILL: An Evening of Original Choreography

March 27-29, 2008 @ 8:00 PM
Mann Gymnasium (Trinity Campus)
Tickets $7
FEATURING: Faculty/Guest Artists, Guest Performers, UVM Student  
Choreographers and Performers, and UVM Student Lighting Designers

For more information contact Paul Besaw at [log in to unmask]

Interested in participating in UVM's 2nd Annual Relay For Life?

   April 12-13 on Athletic Campus! To register as a participant, sign  
up a team, or make a donation, please go to

   If you have any questions, please contact Mackenzie Leonard  
([log in to unmask][3]) or Ian Prieto ([log in to unmask][4])

   Do you like to play soccer?  Have fun?  Support a good cause?

Then come play in the second LOSE THE SHOES COED BAREFOOT SOCCER
TOURNAMENT!  Money raised supports Futbol para la Vida (part of the  
Grassroot Soccer network), an HIV/AIDS prevention education program  
that uses soccer as
a tool for social change in the Dominican Republic.

Come for Soccer, Food, Prizes, Music, and Fun!  All participants will  
be automatically entered into a raffle for some great prizes!

WHEN: Saturday, April 5 @ 10:30 AM
HOW: Get a group of 3-5 friends together to create a CO-ED team. $10  
donation per player.  Each player must individually register at

All Are Welcome!!!

For more information and to register, please visit

Questions? Email Lena at [log in to unmask]

   Last Band Standing: Friday April 11

Submissions are being taken now for a possible spot to compete in the  
event.  First prize is an opening set at Spring Fest!!!

Submission Deadline: Wednesday April 2, at 4pm
Submissions can be a CD dropped off at the UPB Office or, if your  
music is online, emailed to [log in to unmask]

Presented by UPB Music and SA Concerts
For more event info please visit

Mass Power Shift is Coming!
  April 11th-April 14th

   One-thousand citizens from across Massachusetts and beyond will  
descend upon Boston for an action-packed weekend of events.

   * Big Name Keynote Speakers including Rep. Ed Markey, Chairman of  
the House Select Committee on Energy Independence & Climate Change and  
James Woolsey, former Director of the CIA.

* Lobbying around the Global Warming Solutions Act, a state bill that  
will reduce MA's emissions 80% below 1990 levels by 2050 and 20% below  
1990 levels by 2020.

For more information, check out: or e-mail  
Lead Organizer Craig Altemose at [log in to unmask]

   Registration is only $15.  Group registration of 5 or more is only  
$10.  Register Today!!!

[1] mailto:[log in to unmask]
[2] mailto:[log in to unmask]
[3] mailto:[log in to unmask]
[4] mailto:[log in to unmask]