Hello fellow Med-libbers,

I have been working on a literature search for our Clinical Improvement
Coordinator on the topic of DVT/PE prevention and control.  In particular,
this person would like to find some samples or templates of actual DVT/PE
risk assessments and physicians' orders.  I am having a very difficult time
finding examples of "order sets" in the medical literature.   

Has anyone here ever worked on a similar search?  From what I can tell,
there appears to be no exact subject heading for order sets.  I've been
trying various forms of keyword searching in databases, but to no avail.  I
tried a web search, and found this:

If anyone has any tips that can point me in the right direction, it will be
greatly appreciated.
Thank you in advance.

-Jodi Jameson
College of Nursing Librarian
UT Health Sci Campus
Toledo, OH
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