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...which also caused my skins to freeze nicely (skinsdirect.com has so far left me unimpressed, let's just say that).

You mean Climbing Skins Direct, I presume.

Are yours of the post-DWR generation?

I purchased a pair in the Fall. They glopped up rather badly my first time out--December 23rd's Steeple Chase--but so did everybody else's, excepting Denis's Zardozinated skins. Since then I've kept a stick of the BD Glopstopper in my pack. I rub it on before leaving the trailhead, and rub it on again during longer stops, e.g., lunch. Since then they've been fine, even on warm, wet snow.

Yes, climbingskinsdirect.com. I'm not sure what DWR is though?

I will definitely treat the skins now, but I wanted to see how well they performed without any wax first. They did not compare to my trusty old BDs, that is for sure.

One complaint I do have is that snow accumulates between the skin and the ski base, specifically at the tip. Is the rubber tip attachment to blame? Or perhaps the strip folded over to hold the tip attachment is too wide, so that there's not enough glue up front to adhere the skins to the skis.

I'm having this issue as well - another annoyance. I wanted to keep my fold-over long enough to accommodate other skis in the future (my Volkls are my shortest and phattest ski), which is creating a catch-all for snow. In general, the glue on these skins appears to be mediocre. They pull apart easily from day 1 (good, I guess) but have a tough time sticking to the ski after run #1, at a range of temperatures. This is a major red flag for me.

Positives are that they are light weight and appear to glide/climb quite well, although the climbing part could just be because my previous pair of skins for the Volkls was not truly wall-to-wall.

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