Hello Everyone!

I hope  you are all enjoying this nice change in weather and the 
appearance of the phantom sun. I'm writing to remind you all of our 
upcoming meeting on Wednesday April 30 in Votey 207.  The official 
meeting will begin at 7:00pm, however there will be food and our 
t-shirts for sale starting at 6:45pm. We will begin promptly at 7:00pm. 
This is our last scheduled meeting before summer and the CDAE Honduras 
trip. With this in mind I am requesting that each of the three groups 
for our oven design meet and finalize their list of questions and 
procedures, so that Jacquie can collect your data. Please bring this on 
April 30 to give to Jacquie.

Tammy, Brianna, and I met on Sunday and discussed an outline for our 
next meeting. We are putting up signs around campus to attract new 
members to our last meeting to come and learn about our organization and 
projects. We've even started a Facebook group and an event for this year 
end meeting. It is important now that we begin to bring new members into 
EWB here at UVM before we have to say goodbye to nearly all of our 
group, so if you know any underclassmen whom you think would be a 
brilliant addition, invite them to come along. We are planning to 
briefly discuss our fund raising banquet for next year and the progress 
that has been made on that. We also need to see who will be around this 
summer to continue work on our oven test bed. The major part of our 
meeting will be to have Dan speak on Honduras and the CDAE and EWB 

Lastly, the t-shirts are expected in by our last meeting! Short sleeve 
will be fifteen dollars and long sleeve twenty five, so don't forget to 
bring money and get one!

Looking forward to seeing everyone in a few weeks! Keep up the great 
work in your groups and good luck in all of your classes!

All the best,