Another professor at UVM is looking for voluneers for what looks like both
an interesting and fun project.

Any body interested:  Look below at the reference note:

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Hi Sarah!

Thanks for writing!  I've attached a very short preproposal about the
acoustic monitoring idea.  I have some other documentation too that I
can pass along.  I've been in contact with some folks from UVM
engineering and with Bob Erickson from the computer science department.
Basically, at this point I just want to see if things can work (e.g.,
collecting data in different ways and organizing a database to store
wave files).  After that I'll be looking for grants to fund graduate
students to work on the project on various things.  I love the concept
of linking kids with monitoring - and acoustic monitoring offers a lot
in terms of curriculum (and it also takes away some of the uncertainty
associated with volunteer collected data such as whether a person can
correctly identify a species -- the computer will do this).

I'd love to chat more if this idea grabs hold of anyone's imagination.


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