I have not seen that problem, but I would suspect the involvement of a 
storage driver.  You might try checking for updated drivers online by 
going to:
Control Panel->Check for Updates->Check online for updates from 
Microsoft Update Service

Our internal Windows Update service used by Campus domain-joined systems 
does not provide driver updates at present, although we are considering 
adding that as a new service.  Thus, if your computer is domain joined, 
you need to follow the extra link mentioned above to get automatic 
driver updates.  If not domain joined, then you would simply click 
"check for updates".


Ben Ware wrote:
> Yesterday I installed SP1 on my Vista x64 machine, and now it will not 
> resume from hibernation.  It is able to sleep fine, but if it goes 
> into hibernate mode (or if I force it into hibernate mode) it always 
> says the message about Windows did not shut down properly, and lets me 
> pick to start in safe mode or normally.  I have tried searching on 
> google for this, and have not found anything like what I am having.
> Any thoughts? I don't see anything obvious when looking in the logs 
> with Event Viewer.
> Thanks!
> Ben
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