hi All,

We have a pool of latitude 820's that were imaged at the depot, and one 
of them (just one out of 4 or so) started having activation problems. 
(This is not a GENUINE....) 

Actual error was 0x8007267c, which technet suggests a problem with the 
machine not finding the KMS or MAK host- I thought a volume license from 
an imaged machine wouldn't need to be activated? Why would one machine 
have this problem and not the others?

Anyone have any ideas? I am about to give up and put an XP image on this 
and be done with it if a solution cannot be found.


Nick Ogrizovich
Adaptive Technology Lab Manager
Notetaking Coordinator
Bailey-Howe Library
(second floor, directly to your right off the stairs)
ph: 866-327-2014
Lab's ph: 802-656-5537

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