putting clips into powerpoint is the easy part, just choose insert,   
movie which gets you the open dialog box where you just look for your  
movie file, then click on the file.

clipping them from the dvd is the hard part as you need some software  
to do that. i think this is your question. the short answer is you  
need some movie editing software and i do not know what is available  
on campus maybe someone else can help you there.

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     Bob E.

Robert M. Erickson
Senior Lecturer, Computer Science Department, University of Vermont

Quoting "Ivanova, Masha" <[log in to unmask]>:

> Can someone kindly educate me about how I can insert video clips from a DVD
> into a Power Point presentation?  The clips would first have to be "clipped"
> from the DVD.  Many thanks in advance!