First off you will need time, patience and a robust computer when it comes to video editing. We do quite a bit of it here in Athletics. Generally, we do the opposite of what you are trying to accomplish by capturing raw video footage, editing it and publishing to DVD. But all is not lost.
   You will need to convert the DVD video in a workable/editable format to create your clips. There are a variety of video conversion applications (AVS Video Tools)  that can take the DVD and turn it into a avi, mpeg, or wmv file. Once this is accomplished you can create your clips in Windows Movie Maker or other video editing software. I recommend Pinnacle Studio Plus but Movie Maker will work for you also. Once the clips are created in a format Power Point likes then you can simply import them.
    I can help you get started by converting the DVD for you. Just give me a ring.


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Ivanova, Masha Y wrote:
[log in to unmask]" type="cite"> Imbedding video-clips into Power Point presentations

Greetings!  Can someone please educate me about how I can insert video clips from a DVD into a Power Point presentation?  The clips would first have to be "clipped" from the DVD.  Many thanks in advance!