While we are on the topic, a user in my dept has picked up a windows 
mobile "Q"  phone, presumably found in a lump of coal from 100k years 
ago. (cannot determine actual age, its OLD though)

Can this be set up to get UVM email, and interface with calendar? (would 
be a HUGE benefit to this particular "scheduling coordinator" type of user.)


Ben Ware wrote:
> Victor,
> I use a moto Q 9m and have not found a compatible vpn client.  If you find one that works with UVM, I would be quite happy.
> Thanks - Ben
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> Sent: 4/28/2008, 10:45:42 AM
> Subject: vpn for handhelds
> Greetings,
>    One of our students purchased a SamsungI760 and wants to hook up to 
> uvm wireless.  Is there a uvm/vpn download site for handhelds?  We 
> already have some users using blackberry but we don't know if they use 
> wireless or their verizon provided service.  Any insights?  V

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