Maclink Plus does batch conversion right from the GUI.  Note that given the age of Wordperfect for MacOS, this may be your client's ONLY alternative.  So the quality of the formatting may be irrelevant and he should feel lucky to get anything readable back at all.

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    It works very well.  I have it on my laptop (vers 14; current is vers 16).  I couldn't find a command-line interface and so couldn't set up a shell script to do it, but it's pretty easy to run via GUI interface and, once it's in memory, it's fast to do.

    Of course, my docs are generally pretty simple.  If he has really complex docs, it might not work well.

    Have him send a wpd file that he thinks is pretty typical of his work and I'll do a translation.

Dean Williams wrote:
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A client needs to translate a large number of documents originally written with WordPerfect for Macintosh.   Since that application is no longer available, he wants to open them with Microsoft Word.   Word will recover just the text, but he needs to preserve the formatting, and it doesn't appear as though there's translator available from Microsoft. 

The DataViz MacLinkPlus software should do this, but at $80, he'd like to know it will work before he buys it.  Does anyone have experience with MacLinkPlus, and might you be willing to translate a sample document for him?          

Thanks for any information you can offer. 


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